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Improve your sales process by Using games


An Exclusive Interactive Cocktail Experience


An Exclusive Interactive Cocktail Experience


The painful experience of being bullied

My Services

Design Research

Design research results into a better understanding of the underlying and sometimes hidden desires, needs and challenges of the target audience. My research helps you get the most out of your final product.

User Experience Design

User experience design focuses on the end user's experience. The goal is to optimize the complete user experience. By using my user experience design you guarantee user friendliness for your product.

User Interface Design

User Interface Design is all about the complete look and feel of the product and goes hand in hand with user experience design. I make sure that we find the right balance between functional and emotional. That way, the end user always keeps coming back!

Prototyping / MVP

Prototypes are used to evaluate the design and learn us more about the strengths and weaknesses of our ideas. By using prototypes early in our design process, we save a lot of time and money. These prototypes together lead to an MVP: a product with enough functionality and value to attract early adopter customers and get feedback for further product development.


Your website is the first digital impression (potential) clients get from you and therefore plays a big role for your business. With the right design, you can project the expertise your company has to offer and gain the trust of new customers.

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