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The painful experience of being bullied

"Instead Of Calling It Interaction Design,
I Call It Happy Making!"

The Happy Maker

I’m Nadine, an empathetic interaction designer from the Netherlands, committed to the well-being of people. I do this with enthusiasm, boundless energy and professional depth.

In my research processes I show that I delve into the subject matter in a professional and sympathetic way. In addition, I use clearly designed visualizations to converse with my target group and develop a thinking model that allows me to iterate and validate my concepts with professionals. I then translate this knowledge into technically working prototypes and MVP’s.

I show a valuable combination of researcher and maker, am not afraid of the use of technology and I ensure this technology actually has added value for the user. Based on a theoretical foundation, reference research and interaction with the target group, I know how to make powerful connections that help initiate behavioral change.

And instead of calling that ‘interaction design’, I am calling it ‘happy making’!

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