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I understand the challenges you face in creating positive social impact and improving the well-being of those around you or those you serve. So let me introduce myself and have a look at what I could do for you.

Projects that made change


EduCoach is a learning platform designed specifically for middle school students.


Gain more self-esteem with Mina in a fun and effective way! Our smart mirror is here to help users boost their self-esteem through daily short assignments.


An educational app developed for Air France-KLM to improve the performance of their sales people.

Words from my customers

Services & Expertise

User & Design Research

The first phase of behavior change starts with understanding human decision-making. I’ll help you uncover valuable insights that are not based on gut feeling but instead use the evicende of science and research to ensure our solution is tailored to your users’ needs.

UX/UI Design

In the second phase, the design phase, we focus on helping people making decisions more easily and without using too much cognitive energy. From user flows and wireframes to designing polished visual interfaces, I make sure every aspect is covered!

Prototyping/MVP Creation

In the final phase the most promising ideas are tested with the help of prototypes and potential users. Depending on the result, the phases are iterated again and again till we have made the perfect solution that can go into final production.

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Behavioral Design revolves around a central theme: human decision-making and the underlying fucntions of the brain. The number of areas in which we can apply this is endless and is all about understanding and changing human behavior. 

Within companies, we can apply Behavioural Design to improve team cooperation. Within innovation and marketing, we can apply it to convince people to buy certain products or services, and within product design we can use it to improve the end result.

Curious how we can apply it in your case? Feel free to schedule a consultation so we can talk about the possiblities. By working together, we can create better social environments for your customers or employees!

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