Nadine van den Berg

Where do I even start...

My story

My name is Nadine van den Berg and in 2020 I started my career as Social Interaction Designer. Straight after finishing my studies as Interaction Designer at the HKU Utrecht, I decided to start my career by starting my own business. The goal? To create social impact by focusing on behavioral change. I find it important to create better environments for our families, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, society and well.. basically the world. And yes, I do truly believe that, step by step, we can have a huge impact on this.

Not only do I carry out this mission as a designer. I also love speaking about my experiences on stage as a public speaker and as a Twitch streamer, to inspire others to join me in my mission. Inclusivity and true happiness is what I stand for.

Instead of sitting in one spot from 9 to 5, I prefer to travel the world while working. Yes, I am what they call a digital nomad. So far I have worked from different places in the Netherlands, France and Australia. And no, it has never impacted my work or my clients in a negative way.

All though I could keep telling you stories about me and my life, I think it’s best to try and keep this bit as short as possible. But if you are interested to learn more about me, make sure to follow me on Instagram. Here, I share stories about my work, lifestyle and view on life.

Software I use

Over the years I have worked with a few different programs and tools.
The following tools are the ones that I work with most:

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