Nadine van den Berg


EduCoach is a studying app which enables students to learn in a self organized way. Students with learning difficulties are facing several issues in the context of studying, such as insufficient motivation, missing structure and lacking focus. EduCoach has multiple features which support students by developing their own, effective learning structure. Ido, the system’s unique robot, is the heart of EduCoach. Ido is an adapting, encouraging learning assistant and forms the USP. The main goal? To enable children to learn in a self organized way.

The Client

Stiftung Sternenstaub is a foundation committed to helping single and needy senior citizens in Munich, refugee children and people in need; in Germany and around the world.

The goal

The goal of the project is to enable children to learn in a self-organized way, to contribute significantly to achieving digital educational justice and to let students experience the joy of learning.

My role

As the interaction designer I joined the team for 5 months to help with idea generation, design and user research, the main design, the red routes and user flows, the pseudo code for the developers, the narrative design, triggers, content strategy and a detailed description of Ido.

The result

We designed Ido so that he has 3 different main roles: the buddy, the coach and the expert.

Ido as the buddy
As a buddy, Ido functions as the role model for the students. Ido is the emotional support that the student needs. He keeps the students interested while surprising them with unexpected interactions and storylines.
Ido shows how something is done, shares the experience with the student by doing it together and therefore has a real understanding about what the student is going through. The buddy-side of Ido also contains the funfactor. He makes jokes to lighten the mood and offers emotional support when studying isn’t going too well.

Ido as the coach
Ido as a coach is the tutor and the listening ear. He helps students to apply new methods and skills while offering them structure and guidance. He mainly focusses on the ‘how’ and the ‘why’.
Ido as a coach remembers previous given information and gives feedback and insights accordingly. He understands the needs and requirements of the student and can therefore motivate the student in the right way.
Ido the coach gives the students personal tips and tricks and the necessary push in their backs.

Ido as the expert
Ido the expert is the brain behind it all. He has the knowledge about all the facts around learning and the psychology behind it. The expert is the researcher that mainly focusses on the ‘what’ and the ‘why’. This knowledge is then turned into applicable methods and ways of learning by Ido the coach.
Ido the expert is also the one that analyses and collects data and measures their study behavior, preferences, interests and actions which then can be used by Ido the buddy and Ido the coach.

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