Nadine van den Berg

Mark's Barbershop

Mark’s Barbershop was ready for a fresh design and optimalization of their existing website.

The Client

Marks Barbershop is a barbershop for traditional haircuts, the stylish gentlemen’s look, moustache and beard styling and grooming or an Italian shave. This website was designed and built on behalf of Spies Creations.

The goal

Mark’s Barbershop was looking for a cool, manly appearance that invites clients to instantly book an appointment. Besides that, it had to run smoothly and look sexy not only on web, but also on phone and tablet.

The result

The result is a complete redesign of their existing website with some optimalization on the back-end of the website. For the tough and masculine look, a simple font, a simple colour palette consisting mainly of black and white and a smooth look and feel were chosen. We also added some strong stock images to make the website even more appealing, ensuring that customers can’t help but book an appointment.