KLM Air France


My role

Creative Director

As the creative director of the team I was responsible for the overall experience and quality off the app as well as communication with the customer and other parties involved. I was involved with the storyline, gameplay, branding and overall design of the app and developed concepts, wireframes, user flows and prototypes. 

The Case

"How can we make sure sales members adopt and utilize gained knowledge and taught methods in actual sales processes?”

Bluebird is an educational app developed for KLM Air France’s subdivision called Sales Excellence: A division aiming to continuously improve the performance of KLM Air France sales organization. The Sales Excellence program creates a learning environment in which their sales professionals can grow professionally and learn how to get the most out of their contacts with customers and colleagues. Our job was to help improve this progra making sure the sales people would utilize and adopt the gained knowledge and methods in actual sales processes. We’ve accomplished this by using gamification. Bluebird is one of the two projects we have created for KLM Air France.

The Concept

"Do I know their hidden needs?"

Bluebird trains the user to listen
carefully to their clients and find their hidden needs. Finding those will lead to better sales. 

In Bluebird  the user gets trained through client cases based on real life situations.  The client will tell their story through an audio fragment. Based on that, the user has to prioritize all the topics that were mentioned during this ‘call’. From there on the user has to anticipate by asking the most valuable questions. 

In the end the user gets feedback based on his input. This feedback includes information on how his questions tap in on his customer’s feelings and needs. This way the user gets new insights and can improve his way of working. 



"I can see myself use this app on a daily base”

During the development of Bluebird we did a couple of playtest and iterations. Through early research we’ve learned that the users don’t have a lot off time during the day and so they wouldn’t be interested in something time consuming. Because Bluebird is quick to use, enjoyable and challenging, the app fits the user’s needs.

During our playtests we mainly focused on the mechanics of the game, which are listening, analyzing and asking questions. Do they find the app pleasant and accessible? Do they understand what they have to do in all the stages of the app and does the app actually help them finding the hidden needs?

With our playtests we learned that the app is indeed quick and easy. We solved some feedback issues early on and tweaked the game mechanics here and there, resulting in a MVP that can be used by KLM for further testing and development.

In the documentation you can find more details about this project such as the full process and our view on possible future iterations.