KLM Air France


My role

Product Design Manager

As the product design manager I was responsible for the product development, quality assurance and logistics aspects. In close collaboration with KLM Air France and my team, I have been devising, designing, developing and launching Paperbird.

The Case

How can we make sure sales members adopt and
utilize gained knowledge and taught methods in
actual sales processes?”

Paperbird is a game developed for KLM Air France’s subdivision called Sales Excellence: A division aiming to continuously improve the performance of KLM Air France sales organization. The Sales Excellence program creates a learning environment in which their sales professionals can grow professionally and learn how to get the most out of their contacts with customers and colleagues. Our job was to help improve this program, by adding Gamification, to make sure the sales people would utilize and adopt the gained knowledge and methods in actual sales processes.

Paperbird is one of the two projects we have created for KLM Air France. 

The Concept

“Are all the activities that I perform relevant to this customer visit at this time?”

Paperbird is a board game based on the Eisenhower Matrix. By discussing their way of working with their peers and managers, the sales people can zoom out and look at and reflect on their own processes and routines.

The main aim of the game is to stimulate discussions among colleagues about how they work.  Having dialogues like this within their teams will help them have more of an impact on their customers. With an objective in mind they prioritize their sales activities and gain insight in their effectiveness.