My role

Interaction Designer

As the interaction designer I was responsible for the overall concept, interactions and user experience. During this project I spent most of my time on content, context and design research resulting in the current design choices. 

An exclusive, interactive cocktail experience!

Mix and make your own, exclusive cocktails with your friends during this exclusive, interactive cocktail experience! ORDAR is a playful and interactive experience that connects friends, the online and the offline world by making use of an interactive mirror. It is designed for people between 25 and 45 year that enjoy a social life, looking for exclusive and playful adventures. 

ORDAR uses a uniquely designed interactive mirror where everyone can sit around and see each other. The mirror also shows all the steps and ingredients. This way everyone is involved during the whole creative process. 

The user interacts with the mirror by using simple hand gestures. These hand movements provide a playful and magical effect. The interface consists of short explanations and symbols to give the user clear feedback on what they have to do. 

Each table has its own waiter who will give a show and personally hand over the chosen cocktails! This gives OrdAr an even more exclusive and unique experience.